Gyrocopter Flights



The gyro-copter is  a “James Bond” style two-seater type aircraft, you and the pilot seated in tandem. Your highly experienced pilot will talk to you through the radio you and, depending on your level of adventure, you can either chose a relaxing calm flight or you can request that the pilot demonstrates to you just what a remarkable machine it is. Whether you want to have a local scenic flight or a longer trip along the coast, either way, you will be thrilled.

Gyro-copter flights-The important Stuff


  • Where from? Virginia Airport in Kzn, Capetown or Springs
  • When? Most mornings from 8.
  • What to wear? Comfortable warm clothing (open cockpit).
  • How far in advance do I need to book? A week should be fine
  • Is there an age limit? No children under 12
  • Is there a weight limit? 100 kg


Prices (Durban)

R 913.00 for 15 minutes to the harbour along the beachfront and back

R 1105 for 20 minutes to the harbour and Umhlanga and back

R 1560 for 30 minutes to the harbour and Coopers Lighthouse and back


Prices (Capetown)

R 1716 for 30 minutes

R 2145 for 45 minutes

R 2860 for 60 minutes


Prices (Springs)

R 1560 for 30 minutes

R 2340 for 45 minutes

R 3120 for 60 minutes



For more information or to book your gyro-copter flight ……

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