Sky Adventures, operating from  Durban, Capetown and Johannesburg, provide for all forms of aviation rides, flights and experiences throughout South Africa.

We provide the following aviation experiences:
Hot Air Balloon Flights

Float majestically through the sky on a graceful hot air balloon ride… enjoying the romance, the tranquility, breathtaking views and a champagne breakfast on landing. Hot air ballooning is an intoxicating experience, and an absolute must for any romantic. [ Get Prices ]

Helicopter Flights 

Experience a helicopter ride and enjoy the thrilling versatility of this amazing machine. Why not let us organise your helicopter ride and a picnic, or a beautiful scenic coastal flight. [ Get Prices ]

Skydive & Tandem Skydive Jumps

Skydiving and tandem skydiving puts all your earthly fears into manageable perspective. Skydiving inspires such complete focus of attention, that all other worries and frustrations are forgotten. It charges you with energy and spirit. Skydiving inspires freedom of spirit, and attracts some of the most interesting people on earth. Plus, it’s really fun to talk about! [ Get Prices ]

Gyrocopter Flights

Take off on a gyro-copter flight into the clear blue sky and experience breath taking views. Inland and coastal flights are available. An amazing experience like no other form of flying

[ Get Prices ]

Microlight  Flights

Take off on a microlight  flight into the sky with the wind in your face, one of the purest types of flying. Inland and coastal flights are available. Such a fun and exciting experience… [ Get Prices ]

Paragliding & Tandem Paragliding Flights

Tandem Paragliding Flights & Paragliding Instruction Courses are on offer at one of the top paragliding schools in South Africa. You can’t ask for better than the green grassy slopes of Bulwer Mountain for your paragliding and tandem paragliding experience. [ Get Prices ]

Canopy Tours

A canopy tour takes you on an unforgettable adventure as you see the views from above. The scenery is spectacular. You slide from one platform to the next along a series of steel cables set among beautiful natural surroundings. This experience is an excellent corporate and team building event. [ Get Prices ]

The Big Rush

Experience the ultimate rush on the worlds highest stadium swing. [ Get Prices ]

Air Charters Private & Executive

Welcome to our Air Charter Service. We can provide all types of aircraft for your private and corporate air charter requirements which include helicopters, light aircraft and executive and business jets. [ Get Prices ]

Wedding & Proposal Packages

Why not propose on a mountain top whilst enjoying the beautiful views and delicious refreshments? Tailor made proposal and wedding packages available. [ Get Prices ]

Corporate fun days

Let us organise something special and worthwhile for your employees. [ Get Prices ]

Team Building

Let us organise a special team building day with our experienced consultants. [ Get Prices ]

Gift Vouchers

Give a Sky Adventures gift voucher and send them on an exciting experience, one that will provide them with memories they will treasure forever and never forget! [ Get Prices ]